Speak Asia Delhi Seminar Summary- Talkatora Stadium- 10th June 2011

Hi All

Today we had a very fantastic seminar in Talkatora Stadium(New Delhi) with Narayanan, Tarak Bajpai, and other leaders from Speak Asia who shared few important very important updates:

1.Sp Asia to get Registered in India on 1st Aug 2011 with a corporate office based out of Mumbai. Formalities have already been started. Infrastructure and office space has already been taken. Ops to go live from there in coming weeks.
2.New Website to be launched around 25- 30th June 2011
3. Money Transfer will start immediately after Permanent Establishment. It will be done sometime in July- keep looking on website for updates on this.
4. Online items can be shopped through your Rewards Points at around 35% discounted rates. Your friends, family can purchase items through you where in you and your again be benefitted with RP’s(i.e. Binary income for you and your upline through this mode as well).----Another Source of income apart from Survey Income
5. TV Channel to go live around 4th Qtr 2011 dates not disclosed.
6. Pan card and id proof will be required for new joiners and current panelist to upload them post new website is launched.
7. Our Survey/any type of earnings will be remitted to us from India and not from Singapore.
8. New Website would verify new joiners mobile number and Email so to avoid and discrepancy/time lag to correct it after rounds of communications.
9. T.V. advertisement to be launched on Sp Asia Website, if you watch it then also you will get paid- This is again optional not compulsory.----Another Source of income apart from Survey Income
10. You can book advertisement on Sp Asia website likewise on news paper ads. Heavy commission to be paid to you and your up line as well once you do it.---- Another Source of income apart from Survey Income.
11.Panel size has crossed 20 Lacks. Target 1 Crore by End of Year.
12. New sites to go live, Malaysia by July 2011.
Note: Additional income does not come up with any cost and this is optional if you want to opt it. Any registered Sp Asian can avail them as and when required.
Please let me know in case any one has any doubts on the above points and don’t forget to forward it to your down lines as well.

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