Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 2 English Without Russian Links.jar


Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 3:
DG-SC Team has released new series of Opera Mini Mod 4.21 and the beta 2 English version is available for download. After a long series of Opera Mini Mod 4.20 now next version 4.21 ready to get in with  new features and improvements. It features like free copy, better skin mode and lots of optimization for best performance.

This version has added two more new features:
1. User Mode to customize opera background and text/link color.
2. Free Copy features to select and copy text directly from its opened webpage.

Change Log for Opera Mini Mod 4.21.18999 Beta 2 (14/06/2011):
List of Changes:
~Selecting and copying text directly from the page.
~User mode. Added 2 values in "Change Skin"
~Added a couple of server commands.
~The "Office" in the bookmarks renamed to "Menu".
~In the lists of color for the selected item depends on the color in item values 49th and 50th
~If the start of the program, it is impossible to create a bookmark, the program will start with built-in tabs. Also, with the other errors the program will attempt to run 3 times, and if that fails, there will be an automatic closed.
~Reset selected bookmarks when creating / editing, and sorting.
~Optimization for best performance.
~Edit delete favorites in the file manager. Edit checking the validity of the file name when saving.
~Edit sorting tabs.
~Edit move bookmarks into an empty folder.
~Edit menu processing on the download page ("Open", "Save "...).
~Edit display information about the link.
~When you delete a text from multibufera, changes were not saved.
~If you change the color scheme, will open earlier pages have not been updated for the new color scheme.
~Overrun the list of typed addresses, delete the new address entered, not the oldest.
~In download manager changed to work with cookies (Recommendation: for some sites, favoring instead of downloading the page, you can try to start the download again from the status window. Cookies in this case should be included and pre-requested from the server)
~Off the opening of the field enter the address for the transition in the download status window.
~In the "About" incorrectly indicates the size of the screen vertically.

Thanks to our UC Forum staff member Priatama for this English translation from Russian language. 

Download Link Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 2 English (Added Without Russian Links and Signed Ver)

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